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What is Going wrong with Manchester United?

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho might be axed for second time in a row.

In a season that is just seven games old, Manchester United had already conceded 12 goals. A stat worse than relegation-threatened Newcastle United. I am stressing on defensive stat because it is something Mourinho’s teams are best known for. The “Bus Driver” Mourinho had lost his way and is climbing a hill using an outdated vehicle.

According to Mourinho. he is not the only person to blame for United’s current plight. He infamously addressed media about lack of signings and support by executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward. The former Chelsea boss claimed that he had five transfer targets but Woodward failed to deliver every one of them. But I am not interested in pointing fingers toward Woodward, United hierarchy supported their manager ever since Mourinho took over. He was on a spending spree just like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

Mourinho had spent a whopping 400 million since he took over. Woodward had supported Mourinho through thick and thin but he got cold feet in the recently concluded transfer window.  The only reason for this snub was Mourinho’s targets were having an inflated price tag and certainly were not an upgrade to their counterparts.

The defeats against Brighton and West Ham United are not forgivable for a club like Manchester United. I still can’t forgive Mourinho for losing out Derby County. Penalties are unlucky, I could accept that fact but why would a team like Manchester United drag a match against Derby to penalties. You can’t blame lack of financial investment for that.

Mourinho’s signings too didn’t give him the much support he needed. Zlatan and Schweinsteiger were on the twilight of their careers. But Mourinho could have used them to guide youngsters like Martial and Pogba; still, that didn’t happen. Pogba had to learn much of his own while Martial still has no clue about his role in Manchester United. Defenders Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof are not Manchester United material and it further affected the Man-management skill of Mourinho. I don’t have any words to comment about the swap deal between Mkhitaryan and Alexis Sanchez.

The cold-war between Pogba and Mourinho had only made things worse at Manchester United dressing room. “The Red Devils” may claim that United dressing room is still behind their manager but a crisis is looming around the Old Trafford that may eventually escalate to Woodward searching for a new manager.

Speaking of a new manager who will be the fourth one since Six Alex Ferguson retired, everyone is jumping the bandwagon of Zinedine Zidane. The former Real Madrid manager may have won three Champions League in a row. But he is yet to prove himself with limited resources that he will be offered at Manchester United. Also, signing Zidane will mount up pressure on him to win Premier League just like it did Mourinho. Either Zidane will soak up the pressure and win it or will lose the plot just like Mourinho did.

Only having a realistic target will bring back Manchester United to its glory days. For that, both club and fans should trust and stand behind their manager. Fans really won’t trust a flashy name that walks straightly into the touch-line. A couple of derby losses and fans will start calling heads of the manager. The only reasonable choice for Manchester United is to get a familiar name like Ryan Giggs. A name trusted by fans and players alike, even if the manager takes a couple season to re-build Manchester United.

Another point that Woodward should make is that no player is greater than the club itself. Players should fight for the badge not for the glory of winning Premier League. The title will come eventually when the team plays with passion but United will be losing their plot again if they are hunting for glory.